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We all love your geant bear boyfriend,

but we don't like you...?




Time to taste the irresistible beverage...




    • Yes big everything
    • Amen, Jack! I'm gonna make that first panel a wallpaper. Might even try my hand at coloring it, it's that good.
    • The artist clearly loves drawing Sam. In cinema, these are "beauty shots", slow and all about the image, not the narrative.
    • The author's compassion for the character implies that the author himself is a decent and thoughtful fellow. Of course, don't change Pete himself; next to a paragon like Sam, who would come across well?
    • Hot. Although I'm not fond of pecs referred to as tits, man melons, jugs, etc. Pecs, Stel hard pecs is good enough for me
    • i know this isn't supposed to be a sex comic but I hope there is some kind of pay off in the future...And not like that sex interlude between the characters at the secret facility. You did that well Song but it didn't seem like it was something you really wanted to do. I guess what I'm saying is that I hope this has a happy ending--in more ways than one
    • This is how fantasy should rules about the logistics or the sheer improbability of the situation.
    • GReat chapter!!
    • Sam's size is intimidating enough but his strength is super-human---way out of proportion to his size.That's why Pete is holding back. It's scary.
    • I wonder if Sam has ever been approached about being in bodybuilding competitions. You know he'd win hands down. And those weight lifting equipment companies would clamor for his endorsements.
    • I'll add that considering all that weight being lifted I wouldnt want to break Sam's concentration. If he dropped those weights it would cause an earthquake
    • I'm sure many of us believe we would be more brazen with Sam, but I think in reality we'd be just as intimidated by his size and be almost frozen
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    • Hey, guys, we need more comments here as well!
    • Well, I like watching Sam lifting, but I think that, if I were Pete, so far I would jump on him and would do something more!
    • Wow

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