Big is Better – Chapter 15


Another breath taking demonstration of Sam’s incredible stength.

And this time, Pete is not only enchanted by the immense muscle-domes…

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  1. JoeySilverado

    (verified owner)

    Wow! Muscle worship and strength fantasy at its PEAK. Samson takes muscle worshipper (and new lover? although they’re yet to consummate) into his private workout room where, huge cock swaying, he performs astonishing feats of strength to an amazed Pete. Pec worship, strength fantasies, gigantism – all here and beautifully drawn. And none of that growth-without-effort nonsense fantasy – this is a bodybuilding giant who works hard and is transported into ecstasy by the hard work, the lifting, the strain, the effort, the discipline.

    The best muscle graphic available online today. By far. No equal. And it keeps getting better. A must buy. No, I am not being paid to advertise. It’s just incredible muscle worship, masterfully drawn and amazingly conceived. It could have 100 more chapters and I’d buy them all!


      Thanks a lot, joey.

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