Big is Better – Chapter 16


At that moment, I can see or think of nothing else but Sam's pectorals. I'm drawn to them helplessly, like a moth to a flame. They flex like hulking juggernauts of muscle when he has sat up, hanging heavier now like two great sides of living beef on his chest. Their enormous muscular bulk is hypnotically irresistible.

“Does ya like it when I bounces my huge man mountains, Pete?” he asks me, as he keeps his dripping pecs dancing erotically up and down non-stop right in front of me. “They sure feel mighty big 'n' heavy, even to me!”

I'm so dumbstruck that it took a great effort just to move my mouth…

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Reviews (2)


  1. Tobadaddy

    (verified owner)

    Great artwork in this chapter. I like the way Sam reveals even more of how he feels when he is in his trance like state.

  2. JoeySilverado

    (verified owner)

    The greatest graphic novel pec fantasy available anywhere today. Can’t imagine a better, more imaginative, hotter muscle pec show. All muscle fans into pec worship – bouncing pecs, milk, nipples, even some transporting muscle magic – need to buy this chapter. And cancel your plans for the night.

    I’d like to see the same attention devoted to biceps flexing – that’s my fantasy – and much as I love the fact that Sam’s huge, 20″ + – member is always on display in various states of flaccid to super-hard, I like bulging posing trunks, too.

    But that’s about ME. And this work certainly excites muscle fantasies to their greatest pitch. So can’t help sharing!

    Another must-buy, pages of pec worship, graphically drawn and described.


      (verified owner)

      Thanks a lot, Joey.

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