Big is Better – Chapter 3


5.00 out of 5

Fuck or Flee? What will Pete’s decision be facing this intimidating muscle giant?  Pecs, Sperms, some honest confession, our big boys are in trouble … in a good way…

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Reviews (3)


  1. kukulala21

    (verified owner)

    Best!!huge sam’s pecs!!

  2. (verified owner)

    Unbelievably great. I know some people find the price off a bit, but this comic series is fantastic. great dialog, great characters, erotic and not just plain sex. Lots of romance and meaning. Must haves!

  3. JoeySilverado

    (verified owner)

    The price is a nothing, really, if you’re looking for something specific. For me, this chapter isn’t the peak of fantasy, but then I don’t have a furry-pecs fantasy…..but for anyone who does – GRAB IT and JUMP ON BOARD.

    Pete gets an opportunity for serious pecs frottage on Sam’s massive chest, which looks to be about 80 inches of circumference / hard and ripped.

    it’s my hope that in future episodes, Sam will shave – or a shaved competitive bodybuilder fantasy with bulging posers – will appear for full worship. But hey, that’s just ME. The art work here is the best available for muscle hounds tuned into bodybuilder fantasy, making everything at Class Comics just look sick (and, by comparison, with overcrammed frames and too many weird fantasies like tentacles and beastie boys. I don’t get animal muscle bara at all….)

    Anyway, this chapter furthers the plot – and now I can see why Sam (having exploded with cum here) takes Pete down to his gym on the floors below immediately following….

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