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  • Mike on Chapter 15 – Page 08Interesting page in that the focus is almost exclusively on Sam and not on Pete's reactions. I'm sure we will see Pete's face coming up. But overall I like that this is such a visual chapter.
  • JeffJ on Chapter 15 – Page 24Pete is looking a little shocked here, can't wait to see what he's focused on.
  • JeffJ on Chapter 14 – Page 19Can't wait to see Sam get fully pumped!
  • Jack on Chapter 15 – Page 08Truly a WOW moment. Just curious, how far in advance do you do layouts for chapters. And do you make many changes between layouts and the finished page? SONG: Normally I finish all layouts of one chapter before I even start ink it. It happens to me quite often to change the layout during the creation process. :)
  • timclem69 on Book 2 release date announced!I hope you put chapter 15 in the store soon! SUCH anticipation!
  • JeffJ on Chapter 15 – Page 20Some sad expressions here, Sam looks a little angry, can't wait to see what's going on.




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