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    • Sam's size is intimidating enough but his strength is super-human---way out of proportion to his size.That's why Pete is holding back. It's scary.
    • I wonder if Sam has ever been approached about being in bodybuilding competitions. You know he'd win hands down. And those weight lifting equipment companies would clamor for his endorsements.
    • I'll add that considering all that weight being lifted I wouldnt want to break Sam's concentration. If he dropped those weights it would cause an earthquake
    • I'm sure many of us believe we would be more brazen with Sam, but I think in reality we'd be just as intimidated by his size and be almost frozen
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    • Well, I like watching Sam lifting, but I think that, if I were Pete, so far I would jump on him and would do something more!
    • Wow
    • it makes sense
    • I've been out of the loop for awhile and just caught up thanks to a friend. I was hoping that by now Sam would be shirtless. I love watching a guy work out and watching his muscles pump and flex. It;s why the "squat" sequence worked better than if he was wearing gym shorts.
    • I love how Sam towers above the viewer in the first panel---we get the view even if Pete doesn't
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    • UN-believable! Love it.
    • All the technical details aside this is a well-composed page, Lots of dramatic tension. I'd also like to issue a challenge. If you're registered commenter here at inkollo please spread the word and bring in at least one new voice. We'll be able to see pages that much quicker
    • Fascinating how Sam doesn't even seem to be straining. And he's definitely in that trance again. As for the equipment I think there's probably some logical explanation for how he got the materials and how they were moved into the secret gym (that was a feat in itself) but I think we're just supposed to accept it

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